Our Services

  • Identifying the particulars of the client.
  • Personal assessment of the client.
  • Counselling for traumatic incidents and/or problem behaviour.
  • Identifying the history of drug abuse in the family.
  • Identifying the development and severity of addiction.
  • Initiating attempts at overcoming addiction.
  • Counselling of individual's successes and failures.
  • Motivating client to change their life/themselves.
  • Individual and/or panel confrontation.
  • Providing support systems to the client.
  • Withdrawal and medication support.
  • Consulation in the changes of lifestyle.
  • Assisting in cognitive restructuring.
  • Assisting in the improval of emotional intelligence.
  • Handling of guilty thoughts and feelings.
  • Teaching of emotional control.
  • Cravings and triggers.
  • Teaching of psychosocial skills.
  • Teaching of meeting new friends and the improval of the individual's social life.
  • Helping in the celebration of special occasions.
  • Helping the client develop new healthy leisure activities and hobbies.
  • Getting the clients family involved in their transformation.
  • Preventing and handling of co-dependence.
  • Psychiatric diseases and dual diagnosis.
  • Referring to psychologists and psychiatrists.
  • Handling of psychological problems such as depression and schizophrenia.
  • Counselling for an addictive personality.
  • Counselling for an inferiority complex.
  • Processing of remorse and self-reliance.
  • Rebuilding the clients positive self-esteem.
  • Building of short-term goal achievement and self-reward.
  • Development of a strong self-esteem and staying humble.
  • Educating in the steps of becoming a better person.
  • Acceptance of addiction as a disease: brain, body, soul.
  • Educating in the neuro-biology of addiction.
  • Counselling on cancer and addiction.
  • Handling cross addictions.
  • Treatment for nicotine addiction.
  • Retrieving self-confidence one day at a time.
  • Repairing damage to personal relationships.
  • Therapeutic help to children and relatives.
  • Marriage Counselling and steps to a successful marriage.
  • Ending of degrading relationships.
  • Assisting in finding employment and teaching budgeting skills.
  • Consulting of going back to work.
  • Motivation for exercise and participation in sport.
  • Educating on healthy eating habits.
  • Referral to aftercare groups and motivation in perseverance.
  • Enabling the client to deliver their own testimony.
  • Helping the client get free of addiction.
  • Assisting in the rewriting of clients lifebook.
  • Development of a balanced personality.
  • Helping in the handling of crises and educating on how to handle crises.
  • Helping and educating the client how to solve their problems.
  • Assisting in the processing of pain and trauma.
  • Educating on the symptoms of relapse and ONAD syndrome.
  • Assisting in the handling of relapses.
  • Educating on defence mechanisms.
  • Educating on the stages of addiction.
  • Educating on the models of addiction.
  • Educating on changes in brain chemistry caused by drugs.
  • Assiting in the permanent recovery from addiction and substance abuse.
  • Helping clients through the phases of recovery.
  • Handling of health problems.
  • Establishment of religious values and spiritual enrichment.
  • Preventing and handling the legal consequences of addiction.
  • Helping to solve financial problems.
  • Setup an individual plan of action to get rid of baggage.
  • Measure progress and change plan if necessary.
  • Facilitate interventions by parents / partner / family / friends / employer / state / welfare.
  • Additional help and action if all attempts have failed.
  • Assisting in court procedures and committal.
  • Drafting of a contract between client, family and therapist.
  • Developing of a Individual Development Plan [IDP].
  • Educating in the types of treatment programs and centers.
  • Educating in the phases of treatment.


Fees are according to Medical Aid scales or a sliding scale, please enquire for further information.

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